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Basic Information About Adult Education

With so  many adults  returning to the classroom, the term adult education has taken on new meanings. Adult education, in the broadest sense, is any form of learning adults engage in beyond traditional schooling that ends in their 20s. In the narrowest sense, adult education is about literacy—adults learning to read the most basic materials. Thus, adult education encompasses everything from basic literacy to personal fulfillment as a lifelong learner and the attainment of advanced degrees. Andragogy and Pedagogy Andragogy is defined as the art and science of helping adults learn. Its distinguished from pedagogy,  the school-based education  traditionally used for children. Education for adults has a different focus, based on the fact that adults are: More self-directed and require less guidanceMature and bring more experience to the task of learningReady to learn and primed to learn what they need to knowMore oriented to learning that is problem-centered rather than subject-centeredMore internally motivated to learn Functional Literacy One of the primary goals of adult education is functional literacy. Organizations like the U.S. Department of Education and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) work tirelessly to measure, understand, and address adult illiteracy in the U.S. and around the world. Only through adult education can we address the real problems of society—like power sharing, wealth creation, gender and health issues. said Adama Ouane, director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. The programs of the Division of Adult Education and Literacy (part of the U.S. Department of Education) focus on addressing basic skills such as reading, writing, math, English language competency, and problem-solving. The goal is for American adults get the basic skills they need to be productive workers, family members, and citizens. Adult Basic Education In the U.S., each state is responsible for addressing the basic education of their citizens. Official state websites direct people to classes, programs, and organizations designed to teach adults how to read prose, documents like maps and catalogs, and how to make simple computations. Getting a GED Adults who complete basic adult education have the opportunity to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma by taking the General Educational Development, or GED, test. The test, available to citizens who have not graduated from high school, gives them the chance to demonstrate the level of achievement normally achieved by completing a course of study in high school. GED prep resources abound online and in classrooms around the country, designed to help students prepare for the five-part exam. The GED comprehensive exams cover writing, science, social studies, math, arts and interpreting literature. Adult Education and Continuing Education Adult education is synonymous with continuing education. The world of lifelong learning is wide open and covers a variety of circumstances including: Going to college for the first time after age 25Returning to college to finish a degreeWorking toward a graduate degreeLearning a technical skillEarning CEUs for professional certificationTaking classes at your local community center for the sheer fun of it

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Pinks Speech - 767 Words

Pink delivers a very well organized speech. He opens the speech very strongly when he states- I need to make a confession†¦Ã¢â‚¬  – creating a mystery and drawing the audience in instantly. The hilarity woven into the opening invokes a strong amusement from the audience. He frames his speech as a case study and not a story, which emphasizes the purpose of the speech as a learning opportunity for the audience –I don’t want to tell you a story. I want to make a case. I want to make a hard-headed, evidence-based, dare I say lawyerly case for rethinking how we run our businesses.† (1.34). with this thesis statement, Pink states his intention in a very effective manner drawing fully, the attention of the audience. He institutes a framework around†¦show more content†¦All these mentioned institutions have high ethos, and it adds credibility by association to pink’s speech by referencing them. Half-way in the speech, he makes the first overt connection between the audience and his topic. His statement -Think about your own work†¦ everybody in this room is dealing with their own version of the candle problem† (7:49) flatters the audience, since it means that they are all affianced in truly challenging and difficult labor. More prominently, it makes his massage more personal. He persuades his audience repeatedly referencing the candle problem† which the audiences hear it as my problem†. His speech is composed of thoughts provoking ideas. He wisely injects hilarity throughout his presentation. He states in the 38th second, - I need to make a confession. I did something I regret†¦ in a moment of youthful indiscretion, I went to law school† and in the 1st minute -I graduated in the part of my law school class that made the top 90% possible.† Both of these statements are humorous and they build connection with the audience. Another notable element is Pink’s speech is the use of contrast. The most memorable is the catch phrase he introduces with a slide

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Personal Narrative How I Were Moving Again - 1018 Words

Were moving again. I live with my mom she constantly has a new boyfriend or husband. At least this summer will give me a chance to get to know people before school starts, I think as I move boxes into the new house. As im unpacking, I notice this boy walking across the lawn next door hes good looking so obviously im going to pay attention. I notice him notice me so I blush a little and decide to unpack more boxes. I hear someone talking to my mom, I walk downstairs to see who it is and its him. I look like a mess, but its too late to run so I introduce myself. He looks at me in a way I cant explain as im daydreaming about spending my summer with him.† Want to hang out on Saturday†? he asks I reply with a â€Å"yes† and he says â€Å"good I†¦show more content†¦What had that guy just handed him? My stomach is uneasy and I start to feel like I shouldnt be going to this party. I’m just going to ask him about who he was talking to. Blake gets in the tr uck and I ask â€Å"who were you talking to in the gas station†? He seems like he is very anxious and doesnt want to talk about it but I wanted to know. He told me it was nothing he was just a friend. I wanted to know more, but I didnt want to push him to tell me so I let it be. He said â€Å"its a long story. I’ll tell you sometime after the party†. We finally made it to the party and my uneasy feeling was gone, I was excited to have some fun. We walked down by the fire and Blake introduced me to all of his friends. Blake offered me a drink and I took it from him. He started talking to one of his guy friends and I saw this girl standing alone and introduced myself her name was Mackenzie she seemed super cool and so I decided to hang out with her for the night. She introduced me to some of her girlfriends and by this time I was feeling very weird, I had drank before and I had never felt like this. I wanted to go home and I also needed help walking. I asked Makenzie to help me find Blake we couldnt find him, nobody had seen him in aw hile. Makenzie had me sit down and start drinking water as I was puking, I felt Blake grab my hair and thank Makenzie. â€Å" I can take it from here† he said. Where had he been and What had he put in my drink, I was thinking as Blake helped me to the car. IShow MoreRelatedCinema of Attractions1670 Words   |  7 Pagesnot necessarily the best way of defining cinema’s essence. This is only one of the writings concerning this topic which influenced Tom Gunning in characterizing the cinematic period before 1906 as that of the ‘cinema of attractions’. In this essay I am going to talk about the cinema of attractions and its main characteristics with examples from several early films, with an emphasis on ‘Un homme de tà ªtes’ (Georges Mà ©lià ¨s, 1898) and Larrivà ©e dun train à   la Ciotat (Auguste and Louis Lumià ¨re,1895)Read MoreComparsion of Voltaire and Gronniosaw ´s Philosophy Essay1492 Words   |  6 Pagesvery different. Candide is a philosophical satirical novel that ingeniously shakes the misinterpretation of doctrinal optimism. Whilst A Narrative of the Life of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw written by himself, (For the purpose of this essay, ‘A Narrative.’) is an autobiographical, and spiritual account of Gronniosaw’s Journey. This essay will look at the narrative techniques and the distinctive features of the language used in both extracts. (Voltaire, Gronniosaw, A230, Assessment Guide, 2013)Read MoreIncidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Ann Jacobs1671 Words   |   7 Pageshorrors slavery has instilled upon her and countless others of her kind. This is why I believe Jacobs uses a second persona in aiding her to retell her stories, which is an attempt to draw remorse and sympathy from her readers, as well as a way to unravel the truth behind slavery to those that overlook and accept it in society. In Jacobs’ Incidents in the life of a slave girl, Jacobs uses the maternal character and narrative aspect of a fictional slave girl to highlight, through the many angles, the effectsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Private Yankee Doodle 1006 Words   |  5 Pagesin 1830 with the title A Narrative of Some of the Adventures, Dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier, Interspersed with Anecdotes of Incidents That Occurred Within His Own Observation. In 1962, it was republished under the title Private Yankee Doodle, Being a Narrative of some of the Adventures, Dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier. In 2001 it was republished again under the title A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier. The reviews I found were from those who have read theRead MoreFaith, Food, And Captivity : Mary Rowlandson s Account Of Survival And Courage1554 Words   |  7 Pages Faith, Food, and Captivity: Mary Rowlandson s Account of Survival and Courage The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson is a personal account that was written by Mary Rowlandson in 1682. It is her account of what her experience in captivity was like. Her narrative about her captivity grew popular with American and English literature. Rowlandson lost everything when there was an attack orchestrated by Indians on her town Lancaster, Massachusetts in 1675; where she wasRead MoreI Am The Product Of Clark County Educational System Essay1503 Words   |  7 Pagesforte. Nevertheless, this is not to say that I could not write. Throughout the semester with the assigned reading assignments and the given practical writing exercises I have come to grasp a vague understanding, I had never been taught how to write essays correctly. I am the product of Clark County Educational system. I have always struggled through my last classes and hoped to get out of my struggles this semester. One the greatest challenges that I faced was the distinction t hat existed among differentRead MoreA Short Story1483 Words   |  6 Pagesunquantifiable amount of differential equations, the clock struck midnight. It was late at night and I was winding down from a long day of school work. My body sagged with fatigue, arms unable to rise above my waist, and my head drooped in eagerness to meet my bed. Of course I was eager in turn to meet my head’s throbbing expectations, leaping into bed to a night long and full of eventful dreams. Then I heard those fatal words, courtesy of my darling mother ,† Did you have good day? Did you get everythingRead MoreFrederick Douglass: Literary Analysis Essays1243 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass: Literary Analysis† In Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass explains, in great detail, how slave master would use a variety of methods to dehumanize slaves located on their plantation. These methods involved both severe physical and psychological trauma. Nevertheless, Douglass remains diligent and finds a way to resist the harsh reality of being a slave. Because of his immovable desire to acquire knowledge to his fighting encounter with MrRead MoreFrederick Douglass s The Road Of Freedom1187 Words   |  5 PagesAugustus Washington Bailey, He died of a heart attack in 1895. His mother Harriet Bailey named him a distinguished name hoping his life would be more than hers as a hand in the field. Douglass was never able to track his paternity, he stated in his Narrative that his master Aaron Anthony was his father. His grandmother Betsy Bailey cared for him growing up. In 1826 he was selected to go to Baltimore where he spent five years as a servant in the home of Hugh. Sophia, Hugh wife treated him kind and gaveRead MoreThe Roles of Parenting Style in The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls1201 Words   |  5 Pagesparents as role models. However in The Glass Castle, this was not the case but the exact opposite. It all started out with a girl named Jeannette. Jeannette Walls is a writer and an inspirational speaker (?) whose personal success of _____ has gotten her on a wild journey from moving to one place to another, amongst the desert towns and to surviving and getting out of the life she once lived. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a harrowing and heartbreaking yet an inspiring memoir of a young

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A Dolls House Externalizing Inner Problems Essay Example For Students

A Dolls House Externalizing Inner Problems Essay When writing A Dolls House, Ibsen had planned it to be a realistic play. To do this, he must portray the fluent speech of everyday life, and unnecessary monologues must be prevented. Hence, Ibsen cleverly employs certain symbols in his play to externalize the characters inner thoughts. Throughout the whole play, the characters actions and words often carry an implicit meaning, and subtly reflect what they are thinking. This technique is already evident at the start of the play, even with minor or seemingly insignificant situations. Small actions can tell the audience more about each character. For example, when Torvald was lecturing Nora about wasting and borrowing money, she goes over to the stove, stating, Very well, Torvald, if you say so. This obviously shows that Nora is sulking, reflecting her childish character. This action is again used when Krogstad comes to see her husband, though for a different reason. Nora : You? What is it? Why do you want to see my husband? Krogstad: Bank business in a way. I have a small post at the Savings Bank, and I hear your husband is to be our new Manager Nora: So its only Krogstad: Only dull official business, Mrs. Helmer; nothing else whatever. Nora: Well, Youll find him in his study. In this case, Nora attending to the stove suggests her trying to calm down and sort out her thoughts. Krogstads appearance obviously startles her, and her anxiety is revealed when she questions him tensely and in a low voice. She also seems more relieved when she finds that it is Only dull official business. Her relieved words So its only and Krogstads excess assurance nothing else whatever, arouses suspicion of their relationship, and the possibility of them having some other secret business with each other. This is revealed soon after, when Krogstad visits again but this time insists on seeing her. Nora, with a stifled cry she turns and half rises, then, tense and wary, queried, You want to see me? This again reflects her anxiousness at his presence, and may even suggest that she is frightened of him. Similarly, during Krogstads visit to the Helmer home, Mrs Linde gives a start, then, collecting herself, turns away to the window. This suggests Mrs. Lindes recognition of Krogstad, and that they have had a previous association, which perhaps is a little complicated, seeing that Mrs. Linde turns away to either, avoid him, and or clear her thoughts. Mrs. Linde had also displayed this action previously in the play, when she was discussing her life with Nora, and Nora suggested that Mrs. Linde go on a holiday to relax after having worked for three years. Mrs Linde : I havent a father to pay my fare, Nora; this illustrates her jealousy and scorn at Nora, who supposedly had a father to finance her honeymoon trip to Italy. After Krogstads threat of exposing her crime of forgery, Nora has since been jittery, often displaying her apprehension in the play. Nora : What nonsense! Trying to frighten me like that! Im not as silly as all that. But No, it isnt possible I did it for love! Nora No! Helena bring me the tree, please. No! Its simply not possible! Noras agitation is clearly displayed here. At the beginning, the act of tossing her head suggests Nora trying to confidently assure herself that she is not frightened by Krogstads threat at all. Then she tries to distract herself from her thoughts by being busy, first attempting to tidy the childrens clothes, then her needlework, and finally the Christmas tree. Her continual lack of focus and sudden outbursts exhibits her perplexed state of mind. She again tries to reassure herself that everything will be alright, muttering to herself we shall have a lovely tree Ill do all the things you like, Torvald, Ill sing and dance. To prevent her forgery from being exposed, Nora attempts to satisfy Krogstads demands, to persuade Torvald to allow Krogstad to maintain his position at the bank. .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 , .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .postImageUrl , .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 , .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4:hover , .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4:visited , .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4:active { border:0!important; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4:active , .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4 .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u64b29b6722197b91bfac614f5ea129b4:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Poetry Commentary- "Where the Sidewalk ends) EssayNora tries to wheedle Torvald into a good mood first, playing the role of a helpless woman and asking for his help in ideas for the costume party, meanwhile coyly stroking his hair. After Torvald complies, Nora: Oh that is nice of you! How pretty these red flowers look This action shows Nora trying to think up of a way to persuade Torvald, and she slyly brings up the subject again, Tell me about this Krogstad was it really so bad, what he did? On the other hand, this question might also be partly asked on her own behalf, since both her and Krogstads crimes were forgery. She again indirectly pleads her own cause, Mighnt he have done it from dire necessity? hoping that her good motives for the forgery might diminish the significance of her misdeed. When Torvald claimed that the immorality of a parent can poison and corrupt the children, Nora gets even more uneasy, and this is highlighted when she moves closer behind him and asks, Are you certain of that?

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Organization Behaviour free essay sample

Wegmans was founded in 1916, by brothers Walter and Jack Wegman, as a small family-owned food store in Rochester, New York State. It was initially called the Rochester Food and Vegetable Company, and operated out of the Wegmanshouse. In the early 1920s, the Wegmans moved the store to a new location and expanded the product range to make it a full-fledged grocery store selling fresh produce, bakery goods, and canned goods. The store also had a small cafeteria. It’s Headquarters in Rochester, New York. Wegmans is consistently voted as one of the best companies to work for in the US by several independent sources. It is also one of the rare companies in the retail sector that had a relatively low voluntary attrition rate (seven percent for full time employees). Wegmans culture is articulated in its philosophy Employees first, Customers second. However, in spite of its expressed preference for employees over customers, Wegmans is known for its high level of customer service. We will write a custom essay sample on Organization Behaviour or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Question No 1 Is Wegamns Culture Strong or Weak and what are the Characteristic of Wegmans culture and how it affect its employees particularly new hires? Strong culture is said to exist where staff respond to stimulus because of their alignment to organizational values. Conversely, there is Weak Culture where there is little alignment with organizational values and control must be exercised through extensive procedures and bureaucracy. Where culture is strong people do things because they believe it is the right thing to do. Characteristic of Wegmans Diversity and equal opportunity. * Respect co-employees , pursue excellence , make a difference and become empowered

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The Constitution Essays (238 words) - Constitutional Law

The Constitution Essays (238 words) - Constitutional Law The Constitution The founders of America initially thought the primary role of the United States government was to chastise lawbreakers. The forefathers knew this could not be accomplished if one group held all power. The idea to divide the government into the following three branches was an incredible ingenious idea. The executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch were all designed in hopes of creating a fair government. There are many benefits from the separation of power, the executive branch has the power to execute the laws, the legislative branch has the power to make the laws and the judicial branch has the power to interpret the laws. Through the separation of power, no one assembly can hold all the power, since this would mean that one assembly would have endless power. So instead each branch has limited power. In actuality the three branches of government are not separate, but are intertwined in most ways. Each branch as its own role or power, but one branch cannot be enforced without involving or requiring the consent of all three branches. This system of shared power is known as checks and balances; however, one branch cannot function properly without the others. All of the checks and balances are counterproductive. Nevertheless, that is by blueprint rather than by mishap. By pressuring the three branches to be liable to others, no one branch can assume enough power to become overpowering.

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Current topic III Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Current topic III - Essay Example se they are aware of the expectations and needs of different groups in the society on health care provision services (World Health Organization, 2012). This knowledge is derived from closely interacting and communicating with patients, their family members, doctors and other health care stakeholders. By making their contributions on the needs of different groups, nurses can ensure that health policies that exist reflect the diverse nature of the population. Nurses can make a difference to health policies by highlighting the changing disease patterns, and by seeking information from the patients on their medical treatment preferences. 100 powerful women in the world for 2012- slide (in this section). Find a woman that you admire and write how come she is an inspiration of hope for you? What leadership traits do you see in her? Do you have those traits also? I admire the IBM President and CEO Virginia Rometty. Mrs Rometty is a force to reckon with because of 30 years skills and experience at the company. She is the first female CEO of the company. She has also established and is implementing a business strategy at the company that is set to increase the revenue generated by the company by approximately $ 20 million. Rometty is resilient and hardworking; very admirable qualities. She began her career at the company as a systems engineer, went on to be in charge of global sales then CEO and president. I have similar qualities as her because I am hardworking and resilient. I believe that I am creative and innovative since I am committed to serving the society in all my capacity. In my opinion, Michelle Obama is a better role model. Mrs. Obama has been able to win public support through her wise speeches to the public. The current First lady reflects a positive image due to her confidence, firm and seemingly caring nature. Michelle Obama is very determined to raise awareness on obesity and curb its effect on a large population of American nationals (Forbes, 2012).